Upsilon Lambda at University of Texas, San Antonio

Alpha Omicron Pi

Our Officers

Our Officers

Kimmy Bazany

Chapter President

I chose to be a leader in AOII because i felt like it was my duty as a member to serve this most precious sorority, and help it grow. Being a leader has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and I and so grateful I found my home away from home here in Alpha Omicron Pi.

Corrie Rodriguez

Vice President of Administration and Songleader

I wanted to be a leader in AOII because I wanted to carry on the amazing work that my big did for the chapter. Knowing that I'm helping the chapter strive forward brings so much joy to my heart. I love my chapter and I love AOII and I want to make Upsilon Lambda the best we could possibly be.

Julia Farrar


I wanted to be a leader in AOII because I really wanted to make a change in my chapter. I love all my sisters and want to see them all succeed and become great things in life and I want to help be apart of that. I wanted to make my chapter the best it can be.

Cassandra Garcia


I decided to run for treasurer in AOII to make sure our chapter had the resources and budgeting to accomplish everything we wanted to do. Being treasurer is an important job with so much responsibility involved and I'm so happy that my sisters had faith in me to do a good job. I love what I do and I am happy to make them proud!

Marli Olschwanger

Vice President of Standards

When I went through recruitment, I liked AOII because of the way everyone in this chapter was so different but they celebrated and loved their differences. I chose AOII because I saw myself growing with them as a person and as a leader. I am so honored to have been given a chance to be a leader in our chapter as the Vice President of Standards. I would never have been able to do this without the love and support of my chapter, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Maddie Matthews

Vice President of Membership Recruitment

I chose to be an officer in AOII because I wanted to make an impact on our chapter. Recruitment was what made me fall in love with AOII and Greek Life. During recruitment I fell in love with the sisters in this chapter and through AOII I have met some of my best friends. I never would have guessed I would be an officer in my sorority freshman year but after recruitment I knew I wanted to make other girls' recruitment experience as special as possible.

Cristina Moore

Vice President of Chapter Development

I chose AOII because this is where I truly felt at home. I had one of those gut feelings on the second night that I could see myself wearing our iconic red back packs around campus and I'm usually not the kind of person who gets goose bumps but that night I did. After preference night I knew this was where I wanted to call home. By becoming an Officer in AOII I could really voice my opinion to help our chapter reach its fullest potential. By becoming Vice President of Chapter Development I had the opportunity to increase our sisterhood and make those one of a kind connections that I can say not every sorority or chapter has.

Valerie Mirelez

Vice President of Communication

I chose to be an AOII because everything it stood for was what I was looking for in home away from home. I was really torn between two sororities but that last night during recruitment, one sister just really made me feel this is where I belonged. I would fit in with everyone because AOII is so diverse and it shows how no matter what you look like or where you came from, we can all come together and share the same values. Because of this, I also chose to be an officer. I wanted to be able to show everyone just how unique and diverse AOII is and everything that we stand for as a whole

Amber Nami

Vice President of Academic Development

I chose to be an officer because I wanted to make a difference within my chapter. I love AOII so much and I wanted to share some of my values relating to academics. I want my sisters and anyone else who is apprehensive about going Greek that it is possible to have fun and maintain good grades! Being an officer has given me countless opportunities for personal growth, leadership, and networking. It has also allowed me to get to know my chapter better and the campus community around me.

Callie Torres

Vice President of Education

I chose AOII because the diversity was very comforting and I felt at home when I was talking to the girls. You could tell that they were very genuine and loving, and that was definitely something I took into consideration when choosing a sorority. I chose to be an officer because I wanted to help the chapter progress and I wanted to help the chapter the best that I could. I also took this position because to help educate my sisters and others about our amazing history. Knowing AOII's beautiful history is really encouraging because it guides us in the right direction in order to become beautiful and strong young women.

Lisa Nguyen

New Member Educator

I chose to be a leader in this chapter because AOII has morals and values that should be shown and expressed to others. Our history is truly special to those who do not know. When I express my chapter to others I explain to them that we were founded by a group of strong individual women who did not give up on themselves or change themselves to join a sorority. Being New Member Educator I am able to do that, but also being a leader in Upsilon Lambda means I can continue to learn about myself and about the different skills that I have yet to know.

Karen Ibarra

Philanthropy and Actitivies Chairman

My name is Karen Ibarra. I am a sophomore and currently making my way towards a communications degree Being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi has changed my perspective on not only in school, but in my life having such sweet sisters with a bond like no other has really captivated me. There is never a dull moment and there will always be someone you can count on for anything. I adore and love my Alpha Omicron Pi sisters!

Melissa Pfluger

Keeper of Ritual and New Member Educator Assistant

I chose to be a leader in this chapter because I wanted to be a part of what makes our chapter special. I enjoy being a part of this wonderful sisterhood and helping my chapter grow!

Nicole Barron


I wanted to be a leader in the chapter because I want to contribute to it. AOII has brought so much support and motivation that I want to keep our chapter strong and our legacy going for the future. I chose to be in AOII because a lot of the values aligned to mine, and I noticed that Upsilon Lambda had a lot of alumae still engaged in the chapter; it's not for 4 years, it's for a lifetime.

Regine Nerio

PHC Delegate and Vice President of Membership Recruitment Assistant

Choosing to take a leadership role in AOII was an easy decision. My love and dedication to this chapter, as well as to my sisters, is represented through the positions I hold. I'm grateful to help work towards bettering the Upsilon Lambda here at UTSA. Our diversity, sisterhood, loyalty and motivation to keep improving the chapter are just a few reasons why I love AOII.

Stephanie Lopez

Marketing Chairman

I wanted to be a leader in AOII because I really wanted to make sure we represented our chapter with pride in our letters. I knew I could excel in providing my sisters with cute shirts all while still trying to keep costs low especially as a college student. T-shirts are one of the many ways we could express our love and commitment to AOII around campus and if there was some way I could contribute to that I was determined to do so. Knowing that I could create cute shirts for my sisters that they would enjoy brought excitement into my creative abilities. Overall, I'm proud to be an officer and I can't wait to see what I can do for this chapter as well as what AOII has in store for me.

Alexandra Zamarron

Social Chairman

I went through formal recruitment because I wanted to meet new people and make new friends. I didn't expect to find what I found in AOII. I found so much more than just friends, I found best friends and I found family. I chose to be a leader in our chapter because I wanted to put on fun events for my sisters and I to enjoy. It's been a blast so far and I can't wait to see what's next!

Jenna Spears

Property Manager

I became an AOII officer because I wanted to make a difference even in a small way. I wanted to become an officer just to see how our officers interact and how we really do become a team no matter your role. I love that our officers back each other up and I think it's an amazing way to show the rest of the chapter how we should be as a sisterhood overall. I love this chapter and am so blessed to be a part of the amazing thing we have going here.

Amy Blazi

Junior Phc Delegate

I chose to go AOII because it was so easy to get along with the girls and I noticed we had similar interests and values. I chose to be an officer because I wanted to grow as a person and a leader. AOII has given me nothing but support and opportunity to grow into a stronger person, and for that, I am thankful.

Samantha Collins

To Dragma Reporter

I chose AOII because I truly felt like I belonged. But I found more than belonging here, I found a purpose. My sisters have supported me in every decision I've made and I wanted to take a leadership role to give back to the chapter. Being To Dragma reporter is such an honor because I get to report all about the things our chapter is doing, and we've already come out in our To Dragma magazine (a magazine every AOII in the nation receives) 3 times in the past few months!

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